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Energy storage can significantly improve your solar array

system from generation, delivery, and even the way we consume

the electricity from the array. When too much energy is being

created from your solar arrary, or other types of generation, storage

allows a place to keep the electricity until it is needed at a later time. 

That later time often comes when the demand for electricty is very

high or in time of emergency backup electricity.  

There are many reasons why we recommend energy storage paired

with your solar power system some of the benefits of energy storage include:

  • reduction of peak load
  • emergency back up power during a power outage
  • blackstart service to energize substation after prolonged outage
  • energy independence
  • faster response in increased energy needs than traditional natural gas methods
  • helps speed up the return on investment making the entire project more financially sound

Energy Storage is a device that allows energy created by solar power or other sources to be captured and stored for later use. The most common kind of energy storage is the use of a battery.  Adding energy storage to any type of energy generation adds many benefits including improving the way energy is delivered, consumed, and generated.  Combining your solar array project with an energy storing battery can greatly increase your economic performance.

What is energy storage?

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Why recommend energy storage?

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